Arizona Partnership to End Childhood Hunger

The Arizona Partnership to End Childhood Hunger is a collaborative effort of families, governments, community organizations, volunteers and anti-hunger professionals dedicated to ending all child hunger in Arizona.

Our Vision – Every child in Arizona has access to the nutritious food they need to learn, grow and thrive in their families, at school and throughout their communities.   

Our Mission – To end childhood hunger in Arizona. insert video

Though the causes are complex, solving the problem of childhood hunger is not. We recognize the large social structure to create the foundation for this achievement also includes elements such as adequate household income, healthcare, housing, and education. But, we need not reinvent the wheel, or get mired in taking on a huge agenda.

As first steps, to assure there is food for children is a community-wide mobilization to:

  • Provide better information for parents and children; and
  • Increase access to healthy food;
  • Improve economic supports so families can afford good food.
  • Bring the existing framework of federal food and nutrition programs to scale so they benefit every child in need and at risk

End Results – We will know we have achieved our vision and mission when every child in Arizona receives nutritious meals — each and every day.  Childhood hunger is unacceptable!

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